Download Royal Tea BEE Form:

  1. Left mouse click on the link.
  2. The image will open in Acrobat Reader.
  3. Create a folder on your desktop called 'Royal Tea'.
  4. Locate the folder and choose 'Save'.


Download Royal Tea BEE Certificate

Royal Tea Packers is committed to the spirit of transformation and ultimately the empowerment of all its stakeholders.  As a company, we have dedicated ourselves to actively promote transformation and to continue to the establishment of an equitable society.

Royal Tea embraces goverment policy on BEE and perceives it to be an integral part of the sustainability of our organization.  As a result of this, Royal Tea Packers strives to implement and drive BEE and transformation consistently throughout the organization.

Ultimately, our aim is to have a workforce fully representative of the South Arican community, including gender equality, on all occupational and managerial levels.  Skills development is furthermore an ongoing commitment.

Royal Tea believes that preferential procurement is a valuable tool in developing and sustaining BEE, and its contribution towards the mainstream economy.  Preferential procurement aims to address supplier opportunities for BEE compliant companies.  Therefore, Royal Tea seeks to ensure that, wherever possible, products and services are secured from companies that are BEE compliant, without comprising quality and standards.  To date over 90% of our procurement spend is from BEE compliant companies.

Royal Tea is focused on good corporate citizenship empowerment.  Central to this focus is the desire to be part of creating economic stability and growth within South Africa.