Why Do Business with Us

Finding and establishing a new line of products requires a supplier that can be relied upon to provide the right quality at the right time and at the right price ... consistently.

Through the long standing relationships that we have collaborated with various Supply Chain Partners, we offer a service second to none.  We treat our customers as partners in our business, because success for our customers spells success for us.

Our commitment to our existing and potential customers is our individual and pesonalised attention to detail to handle your specific needs by sourcing teas and formulating blends for any market,  We also provide a custom blending and product development facility to suit specific customer requirements.

Notwitstanding that, we also subscribe to Food Safety Regulations and conduct audits regularly to ensure consistency and continous evaluation of our production facilities.  Should you require a more detailed consultation to discuss your specific requirements, our directors and sales agents can be contacted as outlined on our Home Page.